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Pattern preview for Stripes by Veera Välimäki

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Pattern preview for Stripes by Veera Välimäki



Three images of the Aino sweater, worn by a model.

Aino may look like any other striped cardigan but it comes with many surprising little details. It is made for all adventures, no matter how big or small they may be. The cardigan is worked from the top down in one piece with raglan shaping. Aino features a lovely, relaxed fit, long sleeves and hidden pockets at the sides. Veera designed the sweater in De Rerum Natura Gilliatt, a worsted weight merino yarn.


Three images of the Alli scarf: a green version worn by a model, and a pink version worn by Veera.

Knitted in Walk Collection Cottage Merino, Alli is inspired by the ripples on water and a new crescent moon on the horizon. It is worked in one piece starting as a regular crescent-shaped shawl. Short rows change it to a more asymmetric crescent with a slightly deeper curve making it even more wearable. Thanks to twisted ribbing, Alli is fully reversible – you can hardly see a difference between the wrong and right side.


Three images of the Anni socks in red and white.

The knee-high Anni socks are inspired by the popular Swedish white-and-red polkagris candy. This is a fun in-between project with plenty of mindless knitting. The socks are worked from the toe up. The colours are reversed for the second sock to make them extra playful and to make the most out of the yarn. The Anni socks are knitted with Retrosaria Rosa Pomar Mondim yarn.


Three images of the Elin sweater, worn by Veera.

Elin is a go-to raglan sweater for summer and spring – with short sleeves and plenty of positive ease it is light enough for warmer days too. It is worked from the top down in one piece with short rows worked for the back of the neck. Hem, cuffs and the collar are finished with a few rounds of reverse stockinette stitch. Elin was designed in lace weight Julie Asselin Nurtured Fine.


Three images of the Ellen scarf, worn by Veera.

Ellen was knitted in DK weight Cashmerino DK by the Swedish yarn brand Fru Valborg. Ellen is a playful take on stripes – it is all about garter stitch spiced up with easy short rows. The long, symmetric rectangle shawl is worked sideways in one piece and resembles two arrow heads pointing at each other. Choose colours with enough contrast to highlight the striking look.


Three images of the Helene sweater, worn by a model.

Helene features lightweight stripes in moody colours. The generous, boxy fit makes this summer top a true favourite. It is worked from the top down in one piece. After working the shoulder increases, the yoke is separated for back and front. The short sleeves are shaped with short rows. The sample was knitted in Kässäkerho Pom Pom Donegal Tweed.


This minimal, long top is all about the movement of the pleats with a simple striping being the focal point. Helle is worked sideways starting with the front and continuing with the back. Reverse Stockinette stitch is worked on the neck and sleeve openings while a bit of ribbing keeps the hem from curling. Helle was knitted in Blacker Yarns Lyonesse, a 4 ply wool linen blend.


Three images of a model wearing the Ida scarf and hat.

The adorable Ida Beanie starts with a tubular cast-on and is worked from the brim up in one piece. 1 x 1 ribbing is folded for extra warmth for the ears. The beanie comes with a matching cowl.
The cosy Ida Cowl is worked sideways in the round with stripes and a Fishtail Lace section. Lastly, the cowl is joined with Kitchener stitch grafting the Provisional Cast-On and live stitches together. The cowl comes with a matching beanie. Both the hat and the cowl were knitted in Lain’amourée Aphrodite DK.


Three images of the Kaarna shawl, worn by Veera.

Kaarna plays with the idea of reversed or mirrored stripes. The sequence is simple but the outcome is graphic and striking. The shawl is worked from the top down in two parts. The halves are attached together as you go keeping the centre seam stretchier than if sewed afterwards. The sample was knitted in Julie Asselin Nurtured Fine.


Three images of the Kaisla sweater, worn by a model.

Kaisla is worked from the top down in one piece starting with the front of the upper body and continuing with the back. The A-line shaping gives the sleeveless linen dress a relaxed, light look. The edges are finished with an attached i-cord for a minimal look. Veera knitted her sample in Quince & Co Sparrow, a sport weight linen yarn.


Three images of the Käpy shawl/cardigan, worn by a model.

Käpy is a combination of a shawl and cardigan, with generous positive ease and a very loose fit. The wide, overlapping fronts have no closure. The cardigan begins with a long lace panel worked sideways after which stitches are picked for the striped part of the body along the long edge. Lastly, the sleeves are worked in the round from the top down. Veera knitted her sample in The Farmers Daughter Fibers Soka’pii, a fingering weight wool yarn.


Three images of the Kyllikki cardigan, worn by a model.

Kyllikki is one of those wardrobe staples you will love and wear year after year – simple yet elegant, light yet warm. The cardigan features a straight body and fitted sleeves and is worked from the top down in one piece. Kyllikki starts with working the shoulder increases and then dividing the yoke for front and back. The buttonband is worked last and attached as you go. Kyllikki was designed in Tukuwool Fingering.


Three images of the Maija sweater, worn by a model.

This sweater was knitted in La Bien Aimée Merino Sport. Maija is a new take on the classic sailor sweater, this time worked in crisp colours with plenty of positive ease. First, two shoulder pieces are worked flat. After completing the shoulders, stitches are picked up for the lower body. The straight body and sleeves are worked seamlessly in the round. The neckline is finished with a few rounds of garter stitch.


Three images of the Maire dress, worn by a model.

Maire plays with strong contrasts. It has generous ease, extra long sleeves, a straight body and an unusual shoulder construction. The dress starts with the upper back worked as a raglan sweater back but then the stitches are picked up for the shoulders and joined for the upper front. The sample was knitted in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.


Two images of the Maria shawl being worn by a model, plus an atmospheric picture of orange flowers.

Knitted in G-Uld No.4, Maria is worked sideways and in a diagonal, attaching the second and third part as you go. First, a striped triangle is knitted sideways. The second triangle is then worked diagonally from the bottom corner of the first part. Lastly, the third triangle is worked from the centre top of the full shawl. An attached i-cord completes the design.


Three images of the Minna shawl, worn by a model.

Minna is knitted in one piece as a bias triangle. The design starts with a section worked in even stripes. A series of increases and decreases create a wavelike movement in the decorative brioche section. An attached i-cord edge is worked as you go and gives the shawl a neat finishing. For the sample, Veera chose Life in the Long Grass Singles Grass.


Three images of the Tyven shawl, worn by Veera.

Tyven is a lightweight, generously-sized shawl inspired by the phases of the day. It is worked in one piece starting as a regular triangle. The second part is knitted as a reverse diagonal triangle and is seamlessly attached to the first part. The sample shawl is knitted with two different yarns combined together: Aara Liina is a lovely mix of alpaca, linen and silk and Aara Hieno is a soft silk mohair.


Three images of the Varpu shawl, worn by Veera.

Knit in Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport, this design is one you will enjoy knitting and wearing. Varpu features a traditional triangle shape but plays with textures, short rows and two-coloured brioche after a single-coloured beginning. Subtle heathery colours make the shawl and its stripes delicate and understated.


Three images of the Venny sweater, worn by a model.

Long summer days and never-ending sunlight. Venny is a round yoke sweater in rustic, non-superwash wool yarn and low-contrast colours. It is knitted from the top down in one piece with a bit of lace above the hem ribbing. The sample was knitted in Woolly Mammoth Fibre Company BFL/Masham DK.