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Pattern Previews for Laine 19

Pattern Previews for Laine 19

Laine 19 features eleven patterns by an international group of designers: Alexandra Atepaeva, Jennifer Brou, Maxim Cyr, Ronja Hakalehto, Helga Isager, Pauliina Leisti, Agata Mackiewicz, Yukie Onodera, Marie Régnier, Jacqueline van Dillen and Veera Välimäki.

Alexandra Atepaeva – Crisp Morning

CRISP MORNING  Alexandra Atepaeva

Alexandra Atepaeva’s Crisp Morning vest was inspired by the ripples in frozen sand dunes. She loved the idea of re-creating the texture on a layering piece that could be worn for walks in nature. Crisp Morning is a fun, minimalist garment with unique texture, created with a combination of Linen and Garter Stitch. The three-dimensional textured ridges stripe the garment here and there, and the dense fabric makes the vest perfect for staying warm on a windy day while also looking sharp. Crisp Morning is worked flat from the top down, in pieces.

Yarn: Original by Rauwerk

Jennifer Brou – Kettle Cove

Kettle Cove Jennifer Brou

The Kettle Cove vest combines the idea of a refined pinstripe with something a bit more rustic, making it the perfect addition to your everyday wear. The pattern makes use of different techniques to create an interesting fabric: once the vest is complete, rows of mock knit stitches are embroidered on the stranded base to add texture and visual interest. The vest has deep armholes and a scooped neckline. It is knitted from the bottom up, in the round to the armholes. Front and back panels are then knit flat to the neckline.

Yarn: Gilliatt by De Rerum Natura

Maxim Cyr – Nightfall

Nightfall is an elaborate yoke sweater knitted from the top down, featuring some striking geometric shapes in the colourwork pattern – it is a perfect combination of modern and traditional. The sweater is knitted in fingering-weight blended wool, making it light but warm. Maxim Cyr comes from the graphic design field and he loves the “halftone” printing technique, which uses a series of dots. His background has also influenced this colourwork pattern: for example, the big Vs in the middle of the sweater.

Yarn: British 4-Ply by Les Garçons

Ronja Hakalehto – Puhuri

Ronja Hakalehto – Puhuri

Lately, Ronja Hakalehto has been very inspired by colourwork, which, worked in earthy tones, is the main feature in her Puhuri hat (“puhuri” is Finnish for “gust”). Puhuri is worked from the bottom up, starting with a 2 x 2 ribbed brim. Once that’s done, you will work the colourwork body by following the chart. The thick, triple-folded brim is sure to keep your ears warm in freezing weather. The hat is knitted with wool and silk/mohair held together, making it a great project for leftover yarns!

Yarns: Alpaca 2 and Silk Mohair by Isager

Helga Isager – Ryoanji

Helga Isager – Ryoanji

Helga Isager came up with the idea for this skirt on her visit to Japan last winter. Garments with ribbed details seemed to be everywhere, and she found it interesting that you can emphasize shape in such a simple way. The staggered rib reminds her of Japanese Zen gardens such as the famous Ryōan-ji temple garden in Kyoto. The Ryoanji skirt is worked from the top down, making it easy to adjust the length. The skirt is knitted with a sock yarn containing nylon: this prevents it from growing out of shape during wear. The slit can be worn on the back or on the side.

Yarn: Isager Sock Yarn by Isager

Pauliina Leisti – Softis


Pauliina Leisti wanted to design a very light yet generous sweater, so she chose to use silk/mohair held double to create this light but fuzzy fabric. Softis is a relaxed jumper worked in Stockinette Stitch, with raglan sleeves and a folded, loose, turtleneck collar. The thin stripes with slightly different heights create an interesting surface. The raglan seams feature purl stitch details, which help to keep the stripes jogless. Softis is worked from the top down. The neckline is shaped flat, and the rest of the sweater is knitted seamlessly in the round.

Yarn: Soft Silk Mohair by Knitting for Olive

Agata Mackiewicz – Golden Oak

Agata Mackiewicz – Golden Oak

Enchantingly leafy lace, sweet twisted stitches and a relaxing body pattern – this combination makes the Golden Oak shawl an enjoyable project to work on. Agata Mackiewicz wanted to create a big and squishy shawl to wrap around yourself on chilly days. Golden Oak was inspired by oak leaves. The colour of the yarn made Agata think of crunchy leaves underfoot while walking down a forest path in the golden evening sun. The shawl looks beautiful lying on the shoulders, but also bundled up around the neck.

Yarn: Corrie Worsted by La Bien Aimée

Yukie Onodera – Houndstooth

Yukie Onodera – Houndstooth

For her Houndstooth socks, Yukie Onodera first looked for a simple yet beautiful stitch pattern. Then, she focused on playing with colours. The result? These fun, multicoloured socks, worked cuff-down with a heel flap. They feature an intricate-looking but easy-to-make colourwork pattern that uses Garter Stitch and Slipped Stitches. The socks are knitted with one main and five contrasting colours, but you can also choose to use just one contrasting colour, alternating with the MC and CC every two rounds.

Yarn: Daily Sock by Lemon Jelly Pool

Marie Régnier – Plumette


“Plumette” is a French word derived from “plume” (feather) — as lightweight as a feather but even smaller. It makes the perfect name for this top-down, raglan sweater, worked with one strand of lace-weight silk/mohair yarn. Marie Régnier wanted to design an airy and versatile piece, a cute little sweater perfect for layering throughout the year. Plumette features an engaging, easy-to-knit, lace pattern, worked in a bigger gauge.

Yarn: Sensai by Ito

Jacqueline van Dillen – Betula


Jacqueline van Dillen’s Betula cardigan was inspired by a field of silver birch trees in winter. It is a timeless and relaxed cardigan that is easy to combine with any outfit — the kind of garment everyone would like to have in their wardrobe. The cardigan has a simple V-shaped lace pattern with a column of ridges and vertical lines on either side. Betula is worked in pieces from the bottom up, and it features a cosy spread collar. The light, off-white shade of the yarn makes the stitches stand out beautifully.

Yarn: Peer Gynt by Sandnes Garn

Veera Välimäki – Double Bubble

Veera Välimäki – Double Bubble

Veera Välimäki’s Double Bubble sweater was fully inspired by the yarns — she wanted to create a design that would let them work their magic. The sweater is knitted with two yarns held together: a coral-pink mohair paired with a variegated Merino that, to Veera, looked like soap bubbles in sunshine! Double Bubble is a simple design with little details that make it special, such as the slits at the sides. It is worked in Stockinette Stitch and easy ribbing, and it features dropped shoulders, tapered sleeves and a gorgeous deep V-neck.

Yarns: Merino Fingering and Mohair by The Wandering Flock

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