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Best Crochet Resources by Molla Mills

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Best Crochet Resources by Molla Mills

Interested in crochet but don’t know where to start? Look no further! The expert of the crochet world, Molla Mills, is here to share her favorite resources for tutorials and supplies!

“I believe in practical creativity. I started my career in my hometown library. The craft book section was in heavy use during my teen years in Kurikka, Finland. Luckily, nowadays there are a lot more resources out there, and here are some of my favorites.”


Crochet Pattern Design: Find Your Signature Style by Molla Mills | Domestika

“If you would like to learn crochet directly from me, I recommend you take this Domestika course which teaches you how to create a functional crochet bag from scratch using an original pattern design. It includes all the basics you need to start to crochet.”


Suomen Lanka

“My all-time favorite especially as Molla Yarns come from here. They make yarns especially for crocheting, macrame and weaving in wide range of colours. And what’s important for me is that they are all made in Finland, made with recycled materials whenever possible.


“Lankava is my main main collaborator and the offer a wide range of yarns, especially for croheting. We are also launching together a new yarn this spring called Moi.”


“This is one of my favorite brands. They have lovely alpaka yarns as well as recycled cotton.”


“They have really nice cotton yarn for crochet.”


“I love their linen yarns.”


“I mean, what’s not to love here.”


“There is something special about Finnish wool.”

Kit Couture

“A great resource for beginner crochet inthousiasts.”



“My favorite crochet hook and craft supply manufacturer is definitely Clover.”

Interested? Make sure to check Molla’s book Crochet Crush for crochet inspiration!