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How Are the Laine Playlists Created?

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How Are the Laine Playlists Created?

Each month our team member Antti puts together a playlist for our readers. We always have some music playing at the office and as Antti is also a musician, we thought it would be fun to put his talents and knowledge of music to good use in the form of a Laine playlist. Songs to relax with, music to soothe you, to lift up your spirits, to give you a break from everything that’s going on or just something easy to have playing in the background.

Here’s what Antti had to say about the process of putting the playlists together, his favourite artists as well as something new to listen to right now.

How do you put the playlists together?

I try to follow my intuition. Usually I pick a couple of classics first and then use my intuition and free association to add some great newer songs that fit the feeling.

Do you have a certain theme for each month, or do you just try to make each playlist fit a certain mood?

Until now I haven't had any strong themes to the released playlists. But I just realised that it might be pretty nice to create the playlists around a theme. So the next playlist might already have this! The basic idea will remain the same though – to have lovely songs to relax with.

Your all-time favourite bands / artists top 5?

Dungen, Robyn, Daft Punk, Ariel Pink & Bruce Springsteen. Don't be surprised if these artists are featured in all Laine playlists!

Lastly, could you recommend an artist or an album that all of us should definitely check out right now?

Karina: 2 – a wonderful & beautiful Finnish dreampop album. The atmosphere on this album is so strong that even though it's sung in Finnish, a non-Finnish person can also enjoy it.

You can find Laine playlists on Spotify.