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Laine Gift Guide

Laine Gift Guide

Whether you are looking for gifts to give for a knitter or looking for ideas for knitted gifts, our guide is here to help you. Take a look and get your holiday shopping – and crafting – done in time!

Dream Gifts for Knitters

These are some of our most wanted books for knitters at the moment.

Echoes by Susan Crawford

Echoes: 24 Modern Knits Inspired by Iconic Women by Susan Crawford features knitwear patterns dedicated to incredible women — both real and fictional — who have influenced the designer Susan Crawford’s life. This versatile collection features a variety of styles and techniques. It includes cardigans, sweaters, vests, and a dress, as well as shawls, socks, hats, mittens, a blanket, and even a tie.

Grand Shetland Adventure Knits by Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston

Join knitwear designers Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston for a true Shetland adventure! Grand Shetland Adventure Knits features 14 knitwear patterns from cozy socks and hats to colorwork sweaters.

Textured Knits by Paula Pereira

Textured Knits is a thoughtfully curated collection of contemporary and timeless handknits. The 20 fascinating patterns feature a variety of inventive ways to combine different textures, such as cables, colorwork, and embroidery.

Laine Subscription — The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Laine is one of the most beloved knitting publications in the world, and our subscription is a valued gift for any knitter. Laine Subscription includes 3 issues with the option to auto-renew. 

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THE Most Wanted Book of This Year

Embroidery on Knits by Judit Gummlich

There is no question about it. Judit Gummlich’s in-depth guide to contemporary stitching — Embroidery on Knits — has swoon everybody. The book features 18 nature-inspired templates, generously complimented by insightful tips and ideas on how to use them.

For Collectors

The books from our 52 Weeks series are highly sought-after gifts for knitters, providing projects for every week of the year and inspiration for years to come.

52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II

If you loved our first sock book, you will adore this one! 52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II is a more colourful and even more versatile book than its predecessor. 

52 Weeks of Socks

52 Weeks of Socks is the first hardcover by Laine Publishing. This publication contains 52 knitting patterns by 46 designers and is a true encyclopedia of socks.

52 Weeks of Shawls

52 Weeks of Shawls is a unique look into contemporary shawl knitting.


Trendy Knits for Everyday Use – For You or a Loved One

These collections are full of patterns that anyone will LOVE to wear every day. P.S. It’s totally okay to get gifts for yourself!

Knits from the LYS by Espace Tricot

Knits from the LYS: A Collection by Espace Tricot captures everything we love about our local yarn stores. The book includes 15 exciting patterns, yarns both familiar and new, and helpful tips on getting the best results. 

Salt & Timber by Lindsey Fowler

This stunning book features 15 cosy designs that are inspired by the Pacific Northwestern coast.

Stripes by Veera Välimäki

This book is an ode to Veera Välimäki's favourite pattern – stripes! It features 20 designs that are timeless, elegant and fun to knit.

For the Love of Colourwork

If you can’t get enough of colourwork, these publications might be your choice.

Knitted Kalevala by Jenna Kostet

Knitted Kalevala includes 18 knitting patterns inspired by Kalevala. All of the designs are knitted in one piece.

The Knitted Fabric by Dee Hardwick

Dee Hardwicke's The Knitted Fabric: Colourwork Projects For You And Your Home brims with artistic inspiration. The book includes 20 nature-inspired patterns for gorgeous knitwear and joyful pieces for the home.

Looking for a Good Read, Perhaps?

These books offer more than just knitting patterns. They offer interesting insights, beautiful essays and all around wholesome experiences.

Observations by Lotta Löthgren

Observations by Lotta H. Löthgren includes nine knitwear patterns for long-lasting, wearable garments and accessories, along with beautiful essays about living a life close to nature.

A Little Book of Moon-Inspired Shawls by Pauliina Kuunsola

A Little Book of Moon-Inspired Shawls is an expression of gratitude for the moon in knitted form. This booklet includes nine shawl patterns inspired by the phases of the moon. The booklet also offers a unique look into the moon, its cyclical nature and the beliefs associated with it.

Quick Knits for Gifts

There is still time to knit gifts for your friends and family. Here are some patterns and books that get you started and finished quickly!

52 Weeks of Easy Knits

52 Weeks of Easy Knits includes 52 uncomplicated knitting patterns, ranging from beanies, mittens and scarves to sweaters, socks and cardigans. The designs are fun, cosy and modern, but above all, they are a pleasure to knit. Available only as a digital download!


We’ve been knitting a high pile of these hats in every colour of the rainbow (and beyond) to find the perfect fit for a knitted hat. The fabric for Softie is not only firm enough for a good, long-lasting accessory, but it also has another great feature: it doesn’t itch at all. Download the free pattern now!


Knitted Gifts for Kids

Soft packages for the little ones. Make the cutests garments or toys to play with!

Making Memories by Claudia Quintanilla

These soft packages will be loved! Making Memories includes 25 knits for children — from cardigans, sweaters and two cosy blankets to smaller pieces, like socks and mittens, from newborns to 10-year-olds.

Mouche & Friends by Cinthia Vallet

What would be more special than a hand-knitted toy? Mouche & Friends: Seamless Toys to Knit and Love is a delightful collection of 12 knitted toy animals, plus their garments and accessories. Cinthia Vallet’s toy-making process is unique and totally seamless, and she walks you through the techniques step-by-step.

Gifts Under 20€

These options will be loved and easy on your wallet.

My Knitting Notes

My Knitting Notes is a notebook for knitting projects. This will be a much loved gift for any knitter. 

Back-issues of Laine

Any old Laine issue will be an appreciated gift and maybe you can find one the receiver is missing from their collection. 

A Little Book of Moon-Inspired Shawls by Pauliina Kuunsola

A special gift for someone enticed by the moon, or knitting shawls!

Something Completely Different

If you are looking for not knitting related gifts for men, or anyone, we have a few options.

Homemade Pizza but Better

Homemade Pizza but Better by Jukka Salminen is the go-to guide for every pizza-lover.

I See Something Special in You by Timo Kiuru

What can we learn from some of the world’s top creative leaders? I See Something Special in You: How Creative Leaders Turn Potential Into Superpower provides expert insight into today’s leadership.

Still Don’t Know?

If you just can’t decide, a gift card is your safe bet. This is also a good option for last minute shopping!

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