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The Sensory Experience of Salt & Timber

The Sensory Experience of Salt & Timber

“When designing I love to immerse myself not just in visual inspiration but also smells, flavors, sounds and tactile things like textures. Due to pandemic I was not able to travel to Pacific Northwest, which was the inspiration for my book, so I had to create the experience in my home.” 

We welcome you to experience Lindsey Fowler’s book Salt & Timber with all your senses. In celebration of the release, we are hosting a giveaway that is guaranteed to give you the full sensory experience of the book. The prize includes a signed copy of the book itself along with some swag as well as Lindsey’s favourite perfume containing notes of old-growth forest and strawberry, teas that are ethically forged in the forests where Lindsey drew her inspiration, finishing salt that is made with seawater pulled right out of the bay where the book was photographed, and of course a lot of tools and yarns that were used in the collection.

All in all, the giveaway the prize includes:

You can take part in the giveaway on our Instagram account, or by submitting your email below. 

The winner will be chosen on September 7th! You can start your sensory experience already, as Lindsey has created a playlist for all of us to enjoy. You can find the playlist on Spotify

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