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Dee Hardwicke

Dee Hardwicke

Dee Hardwicke is an artist, designer, knitter and knitting book author who lives and works in the beautiful Welsh countryside. Dee trained in fine arts, studying painting and sculpture, before establishing her studio. She’s passionate about adding joy and colour to everyday life, whether that’s by creating nature- inspired designs for knitwear, ceramics, flooring collections or stationery.

Dee celebrates her love of the British landscape with designs steeped in the artisan traditions of the Arts & Crafts movement. Each of her hand knits is inspired by a watercolour in her sketchbooks, and Dee describes the process of knitting as being similar to painting in yarn, with each stitch being like a brushstroke of colour.

The author of several knitting books – all of which celebrate her passion for colour and the natural world – Dee is also renowned for her much- loved knitting design and colour workshops. These have been held in prestigious venues worldwide, such as the famous Liberty store in London and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The Knitted Fabric is a celebration of the way that knitting brings people together through the instinctive and atavistic nature of making with our hands, and by using art and decoration to tell stories.

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Dee Hardwicke: The Knitted Fabric

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