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The New Laine Website Is Here

Laine Publishing

The New Laine Website Is Here

The world has never stood still, and neither do we!

The world never stands still. It constantly changes: continues fearlessly from one familiar path to another, descends into a cave whose dark depths no one has explored, and strikes its picks on the icy, still unconquered mountainsides.

A few weeks ago we announced the new Laine 15, but knowing us, we didn’t stop there.

Today ​we are proud to present to you our new brand look. Laine Publishing now has a strong brand identity that is modern, bold and dynamic and you can experience it on our new website too.

Not only did we change the look and feel of our online experience but from now on you can find us at a new address: Changing the domain doesn’t mean we are shifting away from Laine Magazine, quite the contrary: it means we can do so much more with the same passion and attention to quality.

Whether you are new to us or an old-time friend of Laine, we wanted to celebrate this occasion with a few surprises:

  • Now you can get 10% off on your first order by subscribing to our brand new newsletter. This offer applies only to new subscribers.
  • Get a free digital knitting pattern with any order. Just add your selected pattern to your cart and use the code FREE to get it free of charge. This offer is valid till August 31st.
  • Also, we are doing a giveaway for five 50 € gift cards among customers who order from our new webstore. The winners are selected on August 31st.
We hope you enjoy our new Laine experience. Please, let us know what you think!

With love,
Team Laine