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Stephanie Earp and Naomi Endicott

Stephanie Earp and Naomi Endicott

Stephanie Earp was born in Toronto, studied in Chicago, Boston and Kingston, and now lives in Montreal. She came to knitting in her twenties when she mistook a copy of Vogue Knitting for Vogue. She made one of the sweaters from that issue and never looked back. Stephanie’s designs have appeared in Laine’s 52 Weeks of Shawls, Pom Pom Quarterly, Vogue Knitting, Knitty, Cascade’s Quick Knit series and Making Stories magazine.

Naomi Endicott grew up surrounded by knitters and makers, but it wasn’t until she took a Saturday job at the local yarn store that she dared to believe she could have a career in knitting. After completing a Master’s in Knitwear Design, Heritage, and Production in Scotland, she returned to Montreal to set up a dye studio and to work at Espace Tricot.

From a design and yarn collaboration, to hosting a virtual design retreat, to taking on joint ownership of Espace Tricot, Stephanie and Naomi’s professional relationship has always been characterized by curiosity and a drive to build skills and knowledge of the craft we all love so much.

Knits from the LYS: A Collection by Espace Tricot is Stephanie and Naomi’s first book. It is a collaborative book where everyone featured — from the designers and sample knitters to the models — has worked or taught at Espace Tricot over the years.

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