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Pattern Previews for Observations

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Pattern Previews for Observations

Observations: Knits and Essays from the Forest by Lotta H. Löthgren combines
knitwear designs with notes of the landscape she calls home: a small village in the
southeast of Sweden, nestled among forests and lakes. Observations includes nine knitwear patterns for long-lasting, wearable garments and accessories, along with essays about living a life close to nature.

The Dusk Cardigan

Dusk is a loose-fitting, open cardigan with optional spine embroidery on the front edges. It is one of those comfortable pieces that you can throw over any outfit. The hourglass cables on the upper back, cuff and hem frame the large canvas of relaxing stockinette stitch, creating a reminder that there is time — time to add another stitch, another row, to the work we have at hand.

Yarn: BFL/Masham DK by Fru Valborg or Cumbria by The Fibre Co.

The Dragonfly Sweater

This is a classic drop-shoulder crew neck pullover, knitted seamlessly from the bottom up. It has a wide colourwork across the body and on the top of the sleeves. The hem is split and slightly longer in the back. Dragonfly is a cosy piece for snuggling up by the fire or for a walk by the lake. The colourwork mirrors the sunlight through the dragonfly’s wings as it hovers by the reed.

Yarn: Pishkun by The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers

The Woodpecker Vest

Woodpecker is the perfect layering piece. It has a wide rib at the bottom, a light V-neck shape to the neckline, cables on each front and an overall textured pattern. The vest is intended to be worn open and has no buttonholes. The texture reminds me of the holes made by woodpeckers in old tree trunks, and the front cables of tree roots growing around each other and into the ground.

Yarn: Corrie Worsted by La Bien Aimée

The Dawn Top

This top has a colourwork yoke with an arrow-shaped motif and comes in two lengths. Worked in a soft silk and wool blend, Dawn is easy to wear on its own or layered with a cardigan or shawl. The yoke is inspired by the shape of migratory birds leaving, and returning — cranes and geese streaming in a V-shape across the sky as summer turns to autumn and as winter turns to spring.

Yarn: The regular length sample: Mermaid by Bestiarium yarns, The cropped length sample: Light Fe by Bestiarium yarns

The Lake Socks

Seen from the front, the Lake socks look like a classic rib sock but along the back, different textures swirl around each other — a cable, twisted stitches and a calliper pattern to frame the cable. A classic heel flap and the ribbed top ensure a good fit. The design speaks of the lakes that might seem calm, even though they are filled with life just below the surface.

Yarn: Cumbria Fingering by The Fibre Co.

The Badger Sweater

Badger is a playful and comfortable knit, with a relaxed fit to make the most of the softness of the yarn combination. The deep yoke has a wide colourwork pattern, and the roomy sleeves have optional colourwork on the cuff. The abstract pattern across the yoke ​as well as the colours and heavier yarn are a nod to ​the badger, this shy and compact creature that burrows out of our sight.

Yarn: Cumbria by The Fibre Co. and Le Petit Silk & Mohair by Biches et Bûches

The Bat Shawl

The symmetrical, triangular Bat shawl is knitted from the centre top down. It features an easy colourwork pattern combined with callipers and slipped stitches, and can be worked in one or two, or more, colours. Using a lightweight, woollen-spun yarn makes it warm and airy, and perfect for layering with other knits. The calliper sections remind me of stylised bat wings — thus the name.

Yarn: No. 3 – NZ Lammeuld by G-Uld

The Mushroom Sweater

This is a classic raglan sweater knitted seamlessly from the top down. The mix of knit and purl rounds in the colourwork creates an interesting and comfortable texture. The sample is made in a woollen-spun DK-weight yarn that is light and warm, with a high contrast colours. Choose a yarn with a rustic touch for the perfect outdoor sweater for mushroom-hunting or bird-watching.

Yarn: Lore by The Fibre Co.

The Mushroom Hat

This little hat is a quick and fun project, and the perfect companion to the Mushroom raglan. The low yardage means you might even be able to make one with the leftovers from your sweater! It features the same colourwork and textured pattern and has four faux raglan seams to match the sweater. The length of the hat can easily be adjusted, turning the hat from a snug beanie to a more slouchy hat.

Yarn: Lore by The Fibre Co.

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