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Pattern Previews for Island Vibes: Summer Knits by Sasha Hyre

Pattern Previews for Island Vibes: Summer Knits by Sasha Hyre

Island Vibes: Summer Knits by Sasha Hyre features nine patterns for summer knits: three tops, a cardigan, a shawl, a dress, a skirt, a sarong and a bag. Each piece is designed to be worn independently but can also be combined for stylish summer looks. Take a look at all the patterns!


This knitted bag is a carry-all when hitting up the local market but also a statement piece. With two sizes offered, you can use Calabash either as a small bag for your essentials or as a larger version that can hold as much or as little as you would like. The sturdy leather straps from Thread and Maple make for carrying weight comfortably on your forearm or shoulder and make a bold fashion statement.

Yarn: Petit Lin + by Espace Tricot
Straps: Leather Brass Shoulder Straps from Thread and Maple


Cricket is one of Jamaica’s most popular sports, next to football (aka soccer). This dress is a version of the wicket, the tall vertical targets used to score in a game. The thick panels are flattering for all body types and the simplicity makes Cricket an automatic staple — styling becomes effortless with only one piece to choose from in your wardrobe. The lightweight yarn creates a loose and airy design great for the summer.

Yarn: Tynn Line by Sandnes Garn


Disentangle is a deconstructed version of the Jamaican flag — the dramatic ‘X’ is broken down to create gentle, soft lines. You can create either a low or high-contrast harmonious motif with the beautiful diagonal lines. Make sure to put yourself in a very relaxed state of mind when you start this project, and remember that “Every little thing is gonna be alright”.

Yarn: Silk Tweed by La Bien Aimée


Galina is a seaside region in St-Mary, Jamaica, just outside the capital of the parish where Sasha was born. The views from the area are truly breathtaking and can extend all the way to Port Antonio on a clear day. This tank top was designed with those seascapes and breeze in mind. Each panel is adorned with a gentle lace trim that dances in the wind. When the four panels are combined, they signify the interconnectedness of individuals from different parts of the coast.

Yarn: Mme Philippon by Émilia & Philomène


The colours in the Grassroots tee are widely recognizable as some of the dominant colours in the Caribbean. The red, green, gold and black can be found in mesh patterned tank tops and dresses, woven into towels and imprinted on a million and one different trinkets. This tee is Sasha's ode to the culture and all the complexities and beauty it represents.The vertical panels make for a fun way to play with colours. 

Yarn: Trio 2 by Isager Yarn


Who doesn’t love a breezy yet elegant and versatile summer top? Sasha wanted to create a quick and easy knit that also provided a beautiful drape in the mesh pattern. Rosarios 4 delivered with colour and fibre with this linen/flax, cotton and silk blend worsted-weight yarn. Get playful with your version, long or short sleeved, cropped or long. This is a definite staple in your summer wardrobe!

Yarn: Príncipe Real by Rosários 4


Nutsfield incorporates the same mesh pattern as the Meera pullover shown on page 16 but with an intarsia twist. In this collection, I get to play with my favourite knitting techniques and colour blocking. The high contrast detail of the spine and hems makes each section a standout. I used three colours, but you can knit each section in as many or as few colours as you desire.

Yarn: Line by Sandnes ​​​​​​​Garn


This is the playful skirt you didn’t know you absolutely needed to have in your summer wardrobe — all eyes will be on you when you enter a room! The mesh pattern provides enough coverage, and the long fringes create a lively dynamic effect with every step you make in the sand or on the dance floor. I designed Ria to be a perfect bathing suit cover-up. However, you can combine it with a tank top or tee for a comfortable and stylish daytime look. Its versatility makes it a standout choice, a go-to piece for a day at the beach or around town, and a fun way to customize your look.

Yarn: Sonder Yarn Co. (Note! Unfortunately, the yarn used in the sample has been discontinued. However, Tanis Fiber Arts’ Willow DK is a perfect substitute.)


I don’t think a summer capsule collection would be complete without that go-to piece we can just grab and go and pair with almost anything — Saffy is just that. The knitting process was quite transformative. The gentle click-clack of my needles was a comforting background sound, reminiscent of cicadas on a warm summer evening. Thanks to the very simple pattern repeat, you will be done in no time! When selecting the yarn, be sure to pick one that brings you joy. The lime green not only embodies the flora of the lush landscape in some regions of Jamaica, but it doubles as my birthstone — peridot.

Yarn: Kinu by Ito Yarn

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