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Submission Call: Laine Magazine Issue 17

It’s time to welcome the sun and get into summer mood! While autumn is in full swing, we are already thinking of summer 2023 and issue 17 of Laine Magazine.
The submission call for Laine Magazine Summer 2023 is now open!

For our summer 2023 issue we are looking for modern, stylish garments and accessories that celebrate the abundance and lightness of summer through textures, fibres and colours.

As always, we are looking to feature a variety of techniques, constructions, textures and yarn weights. We also want you – as a designer – to bring your personality into the design and tell a story through stitches. We are looking for modern, stylish knitted garments and accessories for adults using natural fibres, especially wool, and designs that embody the casual and easy-going way of life.

Mood Board

Make sure to familiarise yourself with our mood board.


The submission call ends October 28th, 2022. If your design has been selected, we will notify you by mid-November, 2022. Issue 17, summer 2023, will be published in May 2023. Finished, test knitted patterns and samples must be delivered in January, 2022. Exact dates will be specified to you.


Compensation is based on various aspects, such as level of difficulty, design elements, complexity and design type (e.g. accessory, garment, etc.). Compensation is paid as soon as we have received the finished, test knitted pattern and tech editing is completed. Yarn support is provided. Sample shipping and tech editing is handled by Laine.

Laine holds the exclusive rights to the patterns for 5 months (beginning from the issue release). After the exclusivity period, designers are free to sell the pattern on their own as well.


Submit your knit designs (several entries are more than welcome) to Send all your submissions in one email. Please note that we accept original designs only. Patterns may not have been published or shared elsewhere (inc. pictures of wips or finished projects).

Provide at least the following information: your name, possible designer website or Ravelry username, a detailed description of your design (inc. an estimation of provided charts) and preferred yarn, a sketch and a swatch. Please remember that this is a print publication and the amount of pages is limited: avoid big or multiple charts (one page fits a chart of approx. 40 x 50–60 boxes maximum). We would also love to hear the story behind the design: what inspired you, how you think the pattern fits into our publication, etc.

We encourage design submissions to be inclusive and mindful of the garments fitting various body shapes and physical abilities. Offering options to modify the design, e.g. through optional body or sleeve lengths and fit is appreciated. Sweaters and cardigans are to be graded to fit chest circumferences up to 62” / 157.5 cm at minimum.

Note that we do not require you to have an existing portfolio of published patterns, as we take great pride in featuring beginning and less-known designers. We have an experienced and dedicated team providing help and support as needed.

We welcome submissions from around the world no matter your race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, ability, gender, size, sexual identity or age. Each submission will be carefully reviewed and considered. Designs are selected based on the presented submission alone and how they fit into the specific collection.

Further Questions?

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