Come meet us! On this page you will find a list of upcoming Laine Publishing events as well as book tours by our authors. 

April 28 to 29

La Bien Aimée Neons + Neutrals Book Launch & Trunk show with Aimée Gille

Loop London, UK

In celebration of Neons and Neutrals, Aimée Gille will be at Loop London during the evening of Friday, April 28th, and Saturday, April 29th, with a trunk show of gorgeous samples from her new book 'Neons and Neutrals', along with Jonna Hietala of Laine Publishing, and other guests.

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Neons & Neutrals Book Tour

Aimée Gille will be traveling around the world with Neons & Neutrals to UK, Canada, US and France. For more information and a chance to meet Aimée, head to La Bien Aimée's website.

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Saturday, May 27 from 10am to 4pm 

Botanical Art Class for Knitters with Dee Hardwicke 

Hay Castle, UK

Dee Hardwick will be teaching a special Botanical Art Class for Knitters at the Hay Festival in UK. Dee will be accompanied by Jonna Hietala, the Creative Director of Laine Publishing

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