I’ve noticed a mistake in my order, what can I do?

Contact shop@lainemagazine.com as soon as possible!

Payment Methods

You can find an updated list of payment methods here: Payment Methods


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. Free shipping on all domestic orders (Finland) over 70€. For Europe 100€ and for the rest of the world 150€.

Where are your products shipped from?

All our products are shipped from Tampere, Finland — our warehouse manager Jussi is making sure all orders get processed and shipped as fast as possible!

Why is shipping your products so expensive?

Unfortunately, shipping costs have been rising for several years with noticeable increases lately. We are regularly negotiating best available prices with our shipping partners and do our best to offer our customers several different shipping options.

Why is my shipment taking so long?

If it seems that your order is taking longer than expected, check if your order contains any preorder product. Orders are be handled as one, so if you order includes any preorder products, all products will be shipped when the preorder product is released.

In other cases contact shop@lainemagazine.com. 

I chose DHL Globalmail as the shipping carrier, where is my tracking number?

You can find the tracking number in an email sent from the address noreply-packet@deutschepost.com. Please note that you can use the same tracking number to track your parcel on your country’s postal service’s website too.


Do you offer digital download codes for your publications?

Unfortunately we do not offer digital download codes for the hardcover books. All Laine books and magazines are printed with a printing method that gives the best quality with large print runs — but it doesn't give us the chance to print any individual codes. We are always on the lookout for new methods and the option to offer digital downloads with our print books.

You can find separate digital products on our website.

Where are your publications printed?

We are happy to work with responsible long-time partners. Laine Magazine is printed in Estonia at Printall. Our books are printed in Latvia at Livonia and our beloved notebooks are made in Estonia at Printon.


How can I subscribe to Laine Magazine?

You can subscribe to Laine Magazine on our website. The subscription includes 3 issues per year, and will renew automatically. You can cancel your subscription any time. Starting in 2024 the subscriptions will include 4 magazines. 

You will receive a reminder email about your subscription 30 days prior to the automatic renewal.

Where can I check my existing Laine Magazine subscription?

You can log into your account.

How can I cancel or manage my subscription to Laine Magazine?

You can unsubscribe by logging into your account here.

Who should I contact about a missing Laine issue?

You can always email us any delivery issues at shop@lainemagazine.com.


Do you have an errata list on your website?

Yes, you can find it here: Erratas

What if I notice a mistake in your pattern?

You can email us at hello@lainemagazine.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with the designer directly.


Can I submit a pattern to you to be published?

Absolutely! We have open submission calls for magazines and books through which we accept submissions. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to be among the first ones to hear about open submission calls. You can also find submission calls and all info about them on our website.

Read more about submission calls!

I would like to write a book. Would Laine be interested in publishing it?

We welcome book proposals and look forward to hearing about your book concept! You can get in touch with our team member Sini at sini@lainemagazine.com!

Please include at least the following: an introduction of yourself, a short abstract summarising what the book is about, a (prospective) table of contents, preferably sample patterns or chapters, a preliminary schedule, a description of who your book's main audience is. You can also send us visual material, such as a moodboard.

Are you interested in any content for your website or magazine?

If you are an enthusiastic writer with new perspectives who wants to contribute to our Journal, send your pitch to hello@lainemagazine.com. Make sure to familiarise yourself with our content and editorial direction. We want to celebrate creative life through the introduction of projects and personal endeavours.

Retail and distribution

I would like to become a stockist for Laine products. Who should I contact?

We would love to have you as a stockist. Just send a message to Antti at office@lainemagazine.com.

Read more about becoming a stockist!

Can I advertise my products on Laine?

Yes, we have advertising options available. You can email to Antti at office@lainemagazine.com to get more information about the options.