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Molla Mills

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Molla Mills

Molla Mills is undoubtedly one of the biggest superstars of the crochet world. Her distinct style with bright colors and graphic patterns are equally recognizable and beautiful. Her patterns include both home decor and accessories, making everyday aesthetics accessible to everyone. Her designs are often informed by practicality as each piece is meant to be used in real-life. Learn more about her design inspiration and process for creating her latest book Crochet Crush.

How did you become a crochet designer?

It’s in my DNA. I have always loved crafts in general, any type of crafts. My family is very DIY, and I learned to make stuff with my hands from a very young age. Since my teenage years, I have been sewing my clothes, and I still make my skirts, sometimes jackets. Nowadays, I’m more pedantic about the materials. Back then, I used any material I got into my hands! I love good quality cotton yarns, wool yarns, alpaca yarns, and light wool fabrics for skirts.

But how did I end up doing crochet full time?! Crochet was always my favorite hobby simply because it’s so easy. I crocheted in silence during lectures, and it was a way to concentrate. I crocheted while standing in a queue at a concert. I sat in public parks crocheting, which always perked people’s interest. Everyone wanted to know what I was working on. This made me realize that even observing someone making something with their hands is calming and offers them the chance to feel grounded. It also created a safe space for conversations. I loved it! Years later, I find myself teaching the skill for others and I’m loving it even more!

Molla Mills Crochet Crush

Where are you from, and where do you live?

I was born in Kurikka, a small town in Pohjanmaa, Finland. I thought I would never return there to live, but now I’m dreaming of having a house in the country. Probably I will live there again someday.

How did you end up working with Laine Publishing?

We have known each other with Jonna Hietala for a long time, and I’m a big fan of her work. My dream was to make a crochet book with a publisher specializing in crafts and creativity, and Laine said YES to my book idea.

What was the inspiration for the Crochet Crush book?

Countries and colors. In the book, I wanted my patterns to tell stories. My ideas tend to change during the making process, which happened with Crochet Crush. The working name of the book was A Crochet journey from Kurikka to Guatemala. I wanted to show my readers all the amazing places I have had the opportunity to visit. The book is inspired by the happiness I have found in different countries, the sunny people that I’ve met, and the expressiveness crochet has brought for so many.

Molla Mills Smile Bag

Describe your design style?

My designs are modern, simplistic, sometimes super colorful, sometimes black and white, but always practical and fresh.

When and where do you typically crochet?

Anywhere! For the past two years I have mostly been crocheting at my Helsinki studio. But I’ve been waiting to get together with all the crocheters around the world.

What has crocheting taught you?

Crochet has been my dearest hobby for as long as I can remember, so it must be persistence. It’s a great tool to communicate as well. I have learned during my travels that you don’t necessarily need a shared spoken language when you can work together with your hands.

Molla Mills Langankiertoja

Do you also knit? What other crafts do you do?

I have knitted two sweaters! I had alpaca yarn waiting for at least for two years, and now I finally learned how to make a knitted garment with a raglan sleeve. I have used these pullovers a lot this winter. My next knitting project is a tomato red wool cardigan.

What would you say to someone who knits but is hesitant to start crocheting?

Oh, just do it! Sometimes it might take some time, but eventually, the inspiration will come. It might be an oversized pullover or a funky potholder, but it’s fun to make crochet stitches!

What is the most common question you hear about your work?

Do you make all your crochet pieces yourself? Yes, I do. When I design a crochet pattern, I make the rough sketch on paper or in illustrator, and then I choose yarns and start the work. Usually, it takes me at least three trys to make the final design. I undo a ton, make swatches, make color charts, and sketches. It takes weeks to make a good pattern.

Molla Mills Crochet Crush

What is the most common misconception people have about crocheting?

That everyone who knows crochet also knows knitting. For me, these two are like metal and wood. You can do similar projects with both, but you treat the material differently. In crochet and knitting, the stitches and finished textures are different.

What is the most challenging thing for you in crocheting?

Probably finding time to make all designs I have in my mind! :D

Is there something that you would still like to learn?

Knitting, weaving, and woodwork. I know some of these three, but I’d love to master one of these, probably weaving. I have two types of looms packed and stored at my studio, and I yet haven’t found the courage to start weaving.

Molla Mills Crochet Crush

To whom would you like to design a custom crochet project?

Probably to a volunteer organization that helps to empower women. Or to any organization focused on helping people who are not seen. In the future, I’d love to work in a similar organization. I believe crafts do help people in many ways.


Molla Mills (born 1979) is an internationally known Finnish designer who learned how to crochet from her mother as a little girl in Kurikka, Finland. She has studied fashion, marketing and art and has written several crochet books that have been published for instance in Brazil and in South Korea. Molla also designs pattern collections for different yarn brands and travels around the world teaching crochet workshops.


Molla Mills’ is the author of Crochet Crush is available through Laine Publishing. 

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