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9 Knitting Patterns for Summer

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9 Knitting Patterns for Summer

Still wondering what to cast on for the summer? Worry no more! We listed some of our favourite summer patterns from Laine publications to inspire your holiday knitting.

1. Kaisla by Veera Välimäki

“I often think about the salty sea air on a hot summer's day. How the rocks and pebbles feel under bare feet, how the waves hit the shore. How the sun feels on my skin, how the light can be seen even through closed eyes.”

This is how Veera Välimäki describes the inspiration for her Kaisla dress (“kaisla” is Finnish for “reed”). The dress from Veera’s book Stripes is worked top down in one piece with 100% linen yarn. The stripes and the simple shape make it a summer wardrobe staple!

Stripes now available for €10!

2. Socks à la Mode by Jacquline Rivera

Who could resist socks inspired by frozen custard in a waffle cone? Jacquline Rivera’s Socks à la Mode socks from Laine issue 17 are knit cuff down, with strawberry and lemon ice-cream cones in stranded knitting on the leg. A fun burst of colour with a side of whimsy!

(And if woollen socks are too hot to wear in summer, they are sure to lift your spirits in the colder months as well!)

Laine 17 + Laine 21 = €30

3. Give Me the Tee by Jenny Ansah

This is definitely one of the most-knitted patterns from our 52 Weeks of Easy Knits book! Give Me the Tee by Jenny Ansah is a classic in the making.

The cropped, boxy T-shirt is knitted in simple stockinette stitch. The pattern is perfect for learning basic sweater-knitting elements such as short rows, increasing and picking up stitches. Pair it with light trousers, shorts or a lovely floral skirt – anything goes!

4. Dawn by Lotta H. Löthgren

Worked in a soft silk and wool blend, the Dawn top by Lotta H. Löthgren (from her book Observations) is easy to wear on its own or layered with a cardigan or shawl.

Lotta’s knits are often inspired by Swedish nature, and the same goes for this pattern: the colourwork yoke has an arrow-shaped motif, mimicking the shape of migratory birds leaving and returning — cranes and geese streaming in a V-shape across the sky as summer turns to autumn and as winter turns to spring.

5. Romashka by Olesia Lewyckyj Jarymowycz

Summer is the time for picnics, and what would a knitter’s picnic be without a knitted picnic rug, right? The Romashka blanket is a great option for this, with its cosy waffle-weave texture and delicate flower motif decorating the borders. The pattern was designed by Olesia Lewyckyj Jarymowycz for Knits from the LYS: A Collection by Espace Tricot.

For a simple picnic menu, nothing beats fresh croissants, creamy brie and sweet strawberries — maybe with a glass of bubbly!

6. Sommernacht by Evgeniya Dupliy

We just can’t get enough of this photo of Evgeniya Dupliy’s Sommernacht shawl, featured on the cover of Laine issue 14! The light, soft and elegant shawl, inspired by nature and Nordic summer nights, is worked in a blend of linen and wool, making it perfect for summer.

(And who would know the photo was taken in the middle of the Finnish winter, with no signs of summer whatsoever?)

7. Seashells by  Marie Régnier

This Seashells top by Marie Régnier was inspired by happy, sunny days at the beach — and who wouldn't want more of those! The top has a simple shape emphasised by a highly textured stitch pattern that keeps the knitter interested. Find the pattern in Laine 17!

Laine 17 + Laine 21 = €30

8. Franzidinho by Paula Pereira

Paula Pereira is a designer whose strong suit is clever tricks and techniques; for example, the textured pattern on the yoke of her Franzidinho top is created by alternating needle sizes!

The pattern is from Paula’s book Textured Knits. It is worked in Merlino by Walk Collection, a lovely blend of linen and Merino. The colourway, Marine, reminds us of summer days spent by the sea.

9. Selja by Jonna Helin

Sometimes, there is nothing better than simple garter stitch combined with a a beautiful yarn! Selja by Jonna Helin is worked in one piece in the round which means that every other round is a knit round and every other a purl round.

Selja (a Finnish word for “elder”) is easy to make and wear. Because the sweater has an identical front and back, you can wear it whichever way you want.

A limited time offer: Download Selja for FREE! 

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