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Pattern Previews for Mouche & Friends

Pattern Previews for Mouche & Friends

Mouche & Friends: Seamless Toys to Knit and Love by Cinthia Vallet includes patterns for 12 charming, seamlessly knitted toy animals, plus their garments and accessories. The animals are worked in the round, starting from the nose and knitting down to the feet — growing a toy rather than building it. The garments and accessories are also knitted seamlessly, with various constructions and techniques. You can choose your favourite method for working small circumferences, as the instructions are written to work with any setup.

Step into the magical world of Mouche the Bear and his friends: Henri the Orangutan, Agi the Sheep, Billie the Raccoon, and others!

Mouche the Bear


Mouche has a big heart, with a lot of extra room for love and friendship. Except for the three lonely sleepy winter months that he relishes each year, he is the happiest bear when surrounded by his friends. He’s very jolly, chatty and always up for a party!

Yarns: Viola Fingering and Sock.

Hazel the Squirrel


Hazel is a dancer, always and everywhere. She does not walk, she does not run, she does not climb — she dances! Her dream is to dance in a ballet company one day.

Yarns: John Arbon Textiles Knit by Numbers 4ply and Yarnadelic.

Forrest the Bison


Forrest was born in Alaska. He used to travel around the world until he found a home at Mouche’s wood. Forrest takes his camera everywhere: hiking, fishing, and camping.

Yarn: Magpie Fibers Solo Fingering.

Agi the Sheep

Agi lives on a tiny island. She loves walking for hours, jumping from one rock to another, and searching for treasures shaped by the sea.

Yarns: Tukuwool Fingering and Magpie Fibers Solo Fingering.

Tino the Wolf


Tino is a mailwolf who has a deep love for letters. But in addition to delivering the letters, he lovingly writes most of them! He thinks that having extra mail always makes everyone happy.

Yarn: De Rerum Natura Ulysse.

Giorgio the Cat

What you are most likely to hear when Giorgio is around is the sound of a pencil scratching on paper. He is always drawing, and with a few strokes, he can capture the soul of his friends.

Yarn: Union Fibre Fingering.

Horacio the Donkey


Horacio used to be a rambler, but now he lives in a little shed right in the middle of Mouche’s wood. His blossoming garden is a little haven for all of his friends.

Yarn: Daughter of a Shepherd Ram Jam Sport.

Alphonse & Mira the Pigs

 Alphonse and Mira

Alphonse is a skilled cook and the proud owner of a little restaurant, where he can feed his friends while trying out his new recipes. There he is accompanied by Mira, his beloved.

Yarn: Annabel Williams Darwin 4ply.

Nanna the Lady Duck


Nanna started knitting when she had to brood her precious eggs for 28 days in a row. Now she always has her wings busy with needles and she utterly loves it!

Yarns: Ovis et cetera Igneae, Corriedale Twist and Et Cetera set.

Dodo & Mimosa the Ducklings

Dodo & Mimosa

Dodo and Mimosa love swimming, following ants, listening to the sound of their feet splashing in mud, and finding comfort under Nanna’s wings.

Yarns: The Wool Kitchen Sock 4ply and Mohair Silk, Ovis et cetera Corriedale Twist.

Billie the Raccoon

Billie owns the greatest collection of buttons all over the wood. Everyone loves to visit Billie, and animals come from far away to have their buttons replaced by her.

Yarn: Daughter of a Shepherd Ram Jam Sport.

Henri the Orangutan

Henri has two passions: collecting honey and making pottery. He is happiest with clay in his hands and can sit for hours, turning and shaping.

Yarns: Serafina Meias Inglesas and Silk Mohair.

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