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How Does Test Knitting Work?

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How Does Test Knitting Work?

Curious about the test knitting processes? Would you like to become one? Learn more about what the process entails!

So what’s the whole test knitting process about? We usually organise a few test knits for each issue, most of the designers take care of the test knits by themselves. The active dialogue between the testers and the designer helps us make the patterns easy to follow and also spot possible errors in the pattern before printing.

Picture of a knitted cardigan

We don’t expect the testers to use the original yarn called for in the pattern. They can choose to use whichever yarn they want – either go yarn shopping or use yarn from their own stash – as long as they get the correct gauge. As we don’t offer yarn support, we want to make sure that test knitting is accessible to all and doesn’t require spending a lot on yarn if the tester can’t or doesn’t want to. We also think that it’s inspiring to see many different yarn and colour options when the testers link their projects to the pattern page on Ravelry. It’s important to us that all the testers end up with a finished garment that fits well in their existing wardrobe and that they are happy and proud to wear again and again. Test knitters don’t get a fee or a salary, so we want to ensure that they are happy with the garment they use their time to make.

Picture of a knitted sweater

If the test knit is hosted by us, Laine, the test knitters are mentioned in the magazine’s Thank You section and receive a copy of the magazine once it’s released. Most of the test knits are organised and hosted by the designers themselves. We occasionally help them find test knitters for their designs, but otherwise the test knit is handled by the designer, including the compensation. Our test knit calls will state which type of test knit it is.

We’re always looking for new test knitters, especially for bust sizes 52” / 132 cm and up. Send us a message at with your bust circumference and Ravelry and IG handles. We'd also like to hear more about you and your knitting and test knitting experience. Most of our test knits are for sweaters and cardigans, so we'd need you to be comfortable knitting those.

We really couldn’t do this without our lovely group of talented, committed and hard-working test knitters, thank you to each and every one of you.